or how about this: we can agree that words are arbitrary sounds, represented by symbols, that have meaning only to the extent that we (a community sharing a common language) have agreed upon it. a word has no inherent truth of the world. further, a word is not a vessel for truth but for intention: the […]


here is music i enjoyed this year (according to last.fm 12 month chart) Madlib – Madlib Medicine Show #11: Low Budget High Fi Music James Blake – James Blake Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Onra – Chinoiseries Pt. 2 Radiohead – The King of Limbs Jonwayne – Bowser Geotic – Mend […]


i hope I’m one day to achieve my goals

i want you to know im okay

a voice thats pure and clear tells me im never quite so dead as thoughts through the dry dead leaves where we once spoke and i clung to it like i was desperate for life how can i be dead when i so deeply cling to you im not okay i float in blue oblivion […]

i am like a cardioid microphone

i am like a cardioid microphone in that im not really capable of anything i am wherever someone else left me i pick up things around me and am heart shaped (emailed this to myself while walking to the bus stop)


cavernous like tunnels empty cold nowhere coulduseashave asymmetrical nondescript proportionless a nothing smile not fooling anyone a timelapse of the slow decay of a corpse a living corpse i imagine you dissolving into nothing, a mist

when did it become cool to beg

when did it become cool to beg no, no it never did wouldn’t you rather feel it i want to dig it out of the sand turn it over with my fingers and make a fist “i’ll give you a new name…” (i’m feeling particularly warm and fuzzy tonight)

2009 is over

in the grand tradition of taking Things That Occurred and listing them, i have decided to take a look at the music that was important to me in 2009. Norah Jones – Young Blood i saw norah jones play this song live on the colbert report and it was pretty immediate. it’s almost like norah […]


everything i am depends on that i am the one who happens upon the dead

we could be friends

let’s be friends it could be okay let’s don’t be sad you could be i don’t know where let’s meet back here when the world is less face down in some thing or other let’s be friends it’ll be alright