chopin – nocturne in d-flat major, op. 27, no. 2

Trying a new recording/filming setup here. Somewhere in the ten or so times of getting up to reset the recorder and camera I must have dislodged the angle and managed to crop out the entire keyboard. Wasn’t worth reshooting though, I figured. This is one of the pieces I’ll be playing for my upcoming ARCT […]

radiohead – true love waits (arr. christopher o’riley)

now that i’ve got a half-decent piano recording setup, i want to start posting more piano videos. this is christopher o’riley’s arrangement of true love waits, from his album of the same name. the recording process is something i’m still getting used to. it’s a different sort of pressure than a live performance. there’s also […]

OTA Talk w/ Shad

seriously, one of the best interviews i’ve seen in a long time. i feel like an idiot, the whole time i couldn’t get over the fact that it was flow 93.5. i haven’t listened to real radio in years, but i always assumed flow was just some mediocre hip-hop station. the host, though – ty […]

the cure – lovesong (piano cover)

lovesong is an old favourite, makes me think of 2004. i came up with this “arrangement” (if you want to call it that) based on a fragmented memory of the song. it’s not exactly note-for-note, but maybe that’s the point. you stick a shiny coin in the machine and it comes out flattened with a […]

iron & wine – the sea and the rhythm (cover)

it’s an ongoing problem that my voice is quiet. it’s something i’ve only really come to realize once i started recording myself singing: what feels like YELLING to me is everybody else’s inside voice. finding this out now is sort of like finding out you’ve been walking around with your fly open YOUR WHOLE LIFE. […]

grizzly bear – deep blue sea (acoustic cover)

i dont use my youtube channel as much as i probably should, but i dont have any cool stuff of my own to put up there yet. so i thought i would start by posting videos of me singing other people’s songs. i don’t think of myself as a singer or a guitarist, but this […]

recital footage

these videos are taken from a recital i performed in last december. the performances are not perfect, which i will blame on nerves and the fact that i don’t perform very often. i’ve posted them for posterity more than anything. feel free to leave me youtube comments suggesting that i am a gay nazi faggot. […]