sun with tassels

oh earth that has gone round the sun some four billion five hundred forty million two thousand and eleven times earth that is round earth that is sometimes covered in snow if i could draw a line from my eyes and another from your eyes to that exact point at which they meet and hold […]


well this was a nice surprise! space whale studios just released return all robots, and my remix of “deep freeze” from the game’s soundtrack got posted over at ocr. you can download the soundtrack for free, or you can buy the game and/or the soundtrack in various media formats and bundle configurations. the original track […]

Moonbeam vs. Morgan Page – The Longest Life (Them Stars Mashup)

this is a silly mashup that came about when i tried remixing the longest road by morgan page and realized i was just ripping off the life tree by moonbeam, so i thought i’d CUT THE BULLSHIT and just do a mashup. Moonbeam vs Morgan Page – The Longest Life (Them Stars Mashup) by alexhhhh

Moonbeam – The Lilt (Them Stars Remix)

I HAVE NOTHING TO ADD. LISTEN MY SONG. DO YOU LIKE? Moonbeam – The Lilt (Them Stars Remix) [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Easy – Heatshock (Them Stars Remix)

this one’s for a remix contest over at saintwoods. it’s been a tough couple of weeks, working on this track. the reason i enter these remix contests, above all else, is because it forces me to work to a deadline. work ethic has always been a problem for me. ultimately, a completed track (on time) […]


a friend of mine suggested that my compositional skills were limited by my software i skills. i actually think it’s the other way around. i’ve been producing electronic music for nearly 7 years now, i’ve taken classes on desktop production – i think my abilities and understanding of the medium are fairly sound. if you […]

Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers (Them Stars Remix)

this is my entry for the Peter Gabriel remix contest over at Indaba. i wasn’t familiar with the original at first (though after 7 straight days of work i could probably recreate it myself), but the idea was immediate. the female vocal melody and the pseudo-rap delivery in the verses lent the song to electro […]

Light Decreasing

here it is, my first completed track in ableton live. it’s about a week old now, and i was sort of back and forth between going back and making more changes…but i think i should just let it go. it’s ambient (the “easy” genre), made with fancy synth patches i made in Sylenth (my favourite […]

i am learning ableton live

as you can see i have not been very active at all in terms of making music. my roommate has been getting really into producing, staying up way too late working on a track, waking up again, and getting right back to it. i almost can’t remember that feeling. i’ve spent the better part of […]

merry christmas

i wrote you a song (finally) blue sunrise [Audio clip: view full post to listen]