initial thoughts

i thought the finale was great. i will probably need some time to think about it and the whole of this last season, but for now…the very last scene was almost perfect imo. all the talk about walt being “good” or “bad” or “transforming from good to bad” turns out to have been too simplistic. […]

it’s not wrong to want it

theres something interesting in our being reminded of Walt the Teacher at this particular moment in the season. for years now the slogan “breaking bad is about turning mr. chips into scarface” has been uttered in just about every interview and commentary on the show, yet the pithy statement is as reductive as it is […]

teenagers…sometimes you wanna just strangle em

the catalyst of the episode is the cold rationalization of the murder of a child. todd is in this moment the purest expression of heisenberg rationality (“i did what i had to do…i did it for us.”). todd’s actions create a rift in the group, which is quickly beginning to rupture. walt feigns regret (and […]

2010/11/22 – student concert series

2010/10/20 – sketches in c

ben and i were invited to a local radio show called sketches in c to play some songs and talk a bit about electronic music (this week is national technology week!). it was super fun though i guess i sounded pretty obviously nervous, stumbling around all not knowing how to convey ideas w/ words like […]

2010/11/17 live at the spoke

Blessing 1 6 (Live Oct. 17 2010) by Lakeside Mile we’re still figuring this live thing out. this is early in the process, i suppose it takes time to establish a certain narrative. at the moment the kind of music we are playing as a duo is more or less indistinguishable from the kind of […]