stephan moccio – color

when discussing his debut album stephan moccio expressed a yearning for simplicity as the basis. a collection of 22 short pieces for solo piano, exposure was not only a showcase for moccio’s knack for melody, but a glimpse into the songwriter’s music in its original, ungarnished state. similarly, color consists of brief musical snapshots, each […]

lone – lemurian (2010)

YOUR SUMMER HASN’T HAPPENED UNTIL YOU’VE HEARD THIS ALBUM. i don’t fully know the origin or the meaning of the word “lemurian”, but i have played golden sun, a game in which there is a lost island civilization called lemuria. i don’t know if lone had playing many gameboy advance rpgs while making this album, […]

mogwai – “hunted by a freak”

the opening notes of hunted by a freak just hit me, like that moment of recognition when you’re standing in the audience and the familiarity of a song washes over you and you can’t stop smiling. mogwai have a gift with melody that is, at the same time, not melody. vocals that are barely discernible […]

blockhead – music by cavelight

this album has been sitting in my amazon shopping cart for like, 6 years now. just one of those things. you scrape together enough quarters to buy a shiny new music-disk, and you see that $16.99 price tag and it’s like, ohh man, 16.99 huh…maybe next time buddy. from what i understand, blockhead takes a […]

cannibal ox – the cold vein

pretty much anybody who asks me what my favourite album of all time is has to sit through me rambling on about this album and how one day, when hip-hop is a legitimate field of study, it’ll be required reading. so yeah, i sort of like this album. of course, i realize that it is […]

Shanti Project Collection 3

i was at grooves the other day, flipping through the rock section when i came across this album. i noticed it sort of out the corner of my eye. sometime around when i was 14-15 i’d made a huge wishlist on of cd’s i wanted to get, and this was one of them. basically […]

8 Mile OST

i first heard the 8 mile soundtrack when i was 12 years old. this was back when i was just becoming aware of music, a time i think of as the Great Awakening. my parents would not buy or be party to any purchase of music that they considered “rude”. as a result, my cousin […]

the field – yesterday and today

The Field’s distinctive sound on From Here We Go Sublime was a revelation for the minimal genre, but it was difficult to see how well that sound might be sustained over a second album. On Yesterday and Today, The Field seems determined to show his versatility, to not take the easy way out and simply […]

lone – lemurian (2009)

The wonky scene is probably the most interesting development in hip hop to come along in a while. For the longest time it seemed like Prefuse 73 was the only artist out there who could make IDM/glitch influenced hip hop that didn’t have its head up its ass. All that’s changed now, though, with last […]