here lies alex

august 21, 2009 alex says: (12:23:41 AM) here lies alex alex says: (12:23:47 AM) he didnt try very hard and we shouldnt commend him for it (someday im gonna compile all my dumb chats w/ henry and then i dunno look at them or something)

canada’s best pizza

henry: in canada henry: what is your most popular pizza place alex: pizza pizza henry: no really alex: henry: okay that is ridiculous alex: is it though alex: have you ever tasted a pizza pizza pizza

why would alex be mad

lloyd: why would alex be mad alex: everything was going his way henry: this summer alex: the feel good comedy of the year henry: GET DOWN FROM THERE ALEX henry: no i want to feel the world henry: ONE BOY lloyd: AND HIS BEST FRIEND lloyd: *woof woof* henry: henry: WOULD GO PLACES henry: THEY […]