you do kinda get used to it

get more cheese than doritos, cheetos, fritos

when huell and his “stomach thing” interrupt saul’s meeting with the whites, saul chastises him (“why didn’t you think of that before?”) like a frustrated parent to a child in the back seat of the car. the meeting continues as saul and skyler brainstorm ways to take over the carwash, and the scene ends with the sound of the toilet flushing. it’s a brief, somewhat crude comedic moment that hangs over the heads of the characters in this episode – the notion of small, seemingly insignificant mistakes that have severe repercussions.

when jesse says to walt (re: getting the shit kicked out of him) that “you do kinda get used to it” there’s this dull, hopeless pain in his eyes. unlike walt, jesse lacks the necessary delusion that would allow him to rationalize gale’s murder and move on. he is paralyzed by his guilt, spending his evenings in that claustrophobic indoor go kart track, and a home that has morphed from neverending party to something ugly and violent, a physical manifestation of jesse’s suffering.

for marie, home life has become unbearable, as hank has pushed her away to the point that she no longer feels welcome in her own home. the situation has become so miserable that she has, seemingly out of desperation, returned to her old klepto ways, constructing elaborate fantasy lives for herself as she travels from open house to open house, leaving with a keepsake from each. yet for all of her attention to detail in crafting these false identities, she overlooks the possibility of being recognized, and her fantasies come crashing down. when hank finds out, he responds to her angrily (“how could you do this to me again?”), yet in the company of tim he is sympathetic, perhaps more aware of his complicity in her actions than he would have marie believe.

as marie and hank drift further apart, skyler and walter’s relationship appears to be strengthening, as skyler is drawn deeper into walt’s criminal life. like marie, skyler assumes a false identity (in this case, the EPA agent) to scam bogdan out of his carwash. unlike marie, however, skyler is cautious: she makes sure of every detail in her plan, and prepares for every possible outcome – right down to the number of times she allows the phone to ring when bogdan desperately calls her back.

walt’s nonchalance regarding the expensive bottle of champagne seems strange, as i’m pretty sure early on in the series walt had similarly lectured jesse about his carelessness with the money. in any case, walt’s need to be control as “the man” of the house makes it difficult for him to accept criticism from his wife, who has already begun to display some keen criminal instincts very early on. similarly, walt’s extravagant purchase suggests that he, in fact, may be a liability that skyler has overlooked. unfortunately for skyler, she still sees walt more or less as the man that she knew, and her (perhaps willful?) blindness towards him may cost her a great deal.

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