sun with tassels

oh earth that has gone round the sun some four billion five hundred forty million two thousand and eleven times earth that is round earth that is sometimes covered in snow

if i could draw a line from my eyes and another from your eyes to that exact point at which they meet and hold it there, that point that is so infinitely small and certain not even unity but just is, just is and is and is

Sun With Tassels by Them Stars

2 Responses to “sun with tassels”

  1. This is wonderful, a wonderful song. I just wish that little higher note in the background would get louder and eventually come to a climax or something, I dunno, don’t listen to me I have no creativity whatsoever

    Maybe it’s supposed to be all like, creating this LONGING or some shit, I do not know the ways of the artist

  2. this is an old version the “newer” version has changes like that
    though it’s still pretty subtle. thanks 4 u listen :D

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