well this was a nice surprise! space whale studios just released return all robots, and my remix of “deep freeze” from the game’s soundtrack got posted over at ocr. you can download the soundtrack for free, or you can buy the game and/or the soundtrack in various media formats and bundle configurations. the original track […]

deadmau5 – 4×4=12

up until the release of “ghosts n stuff” back in 2008, deadmau5 was often criticized for being able to come up with catchy chord progressions and not a whole lot else. although “ghosts” hinted at a change in direction for deadmau5, it never really worked on its own (even after the addition of rob swire’s […]

western djs presents: the best day of your life

this is the hour i did for yesterdays western djs 12 hour mix. in hindsight i probably should have taken into consideration the several hours of music that had already played before me. my mix was probably too much of a singular thing, starting off light, gradually building up, then tapering off at the end. […]

reveal hidden patterns

been wanting to do a japanese hip-hop mix for some time now. in my head i always think of japanese hip-hop as some alternate reality to north american hip-hop, like someone over there stepped on a butterfly and they missed the jiggy era and jazz-influenced hip-hop dominated instead. it came out much shorter than i […]