Easy – Heatshock (Them Stars Remix)

this one’s for a remix contest over at saintwoods.

it’s been a tough couple of weeks, working on this track. the reason i enter these remix contests, above all else, is because it forces me to work to a deadline. work ethic has always been a problem for me. ultimately, a completed track (on time) is itself a prize, and any other recognition that comes out of it would be a bonus. i probably tried four or five different approaches before settling on the one that eventually became the final version. i’ve been listening to a lot of barletta, hervĂ©, and afrojack, so the result is sort of my take on those styles.

this is only my second electro track, but i’ve clearly got tendencies. my stuff tends to be very clean and blocky, so my goal was to be as unpredictable as possible. this time around i recorded most of the synth parts live as opposed to sequencing them by hand, which allows for a lot of cool, unintentional sounds. i think the end result is close to complete raw unpredictability, but it’s not entirely there yet. when i look at something like robotaki’s remix of turn it up, i can’t fathom the attention to detail, the micro-nano-editing that must have gone into creating it. but i look at this track and i am able to say that it is a quantifiable improvement over my last one. what more can you do?

Easy – Heatshock (Them Stars Remix)

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