a friend of mine suggested that my compositional skills were limited by my software i skills. i actually think it’s the other way around. i’ve been producing electronic music for nearly 7 years now, i’ve taken classes on desktop production – i think my abilities and understanding of the medium are fairly sound.

if you compare this beat to born mind – a track i think of as my previous personal best – i think aside from the obvious disparities in production quality, they both suffer from the same fundamental problem: underdevelopment. this is a recurring theme, not only in the music i write, but in any of the work i’ve done in my life. a certain amount of the work comes easy, i’d say around 90%. the last 10% is where i hit a wall. i don’t know what it’s like for other people, whether or not they experience it at all, or if they’re all just much better at handling it. it becomes a kind of torture for me, the most claustrophobic, lonely feeling.

of course, this post has been the same way. all i’ve written is the basic idea, but i can’t figure out how to get past that wall. there’s so much i haven’t said and i know it, but i’m going to post it anyway. maybe i should stop doing that.

Spitbubble by alexhhhh

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