a friend of mine suggested that my compositional skills were limited by my software i skills. i actually think it’s the other way around. i’ve been producing electronic music for nearly 7 years now, i’ve taken classes on desktop production – i think my abilities and understanding of the medium are fairly sound. if you […]

radiohead – true love waits (arr. christopher o’riley)

now that i’ve got a half-decent piano recording setup, i want to start posting more piano videos. this is christopher o’riley’s arrangement of true love waits, from his album of the same name. the recording process is something i’m still getting used to. it’s a different sort of pressure than a live performance. there’s also […]

OTA Talk w/ Shad

seriously, one of the best interviews i’ve seen in a long time. i feel like an idiot, the whole time i couldn’t get over the fact that it was flow 93.5. i haven’t listened to real radio in years, but i always assumed flow was just some mediocre hip-hop station. the host, though – ty […]