lone – lemurian (2010)

YOUR SUMMER HASN’T HAPPENED UNTIL YOU’VE HEARD THIS ALBUM. i don’t fully know the origin or the meaning of the word “lemurian”, but i have played golden sun, a game in which there is a lost island civilization called lemuria. i don’t know if lone had playing many gameboy advance rpgs while making this album, […]

mogwai – “hunted by a freak”

the opening notes of hunted by a freak just hit me, like that moment of recognition when you’re standing in the audience and the familiarity of a song washes over you and you can’t stop smiling. mogwai have a gift with melody that is, at the same time, not melody. vocals that are barely discernible […]

?D003: summer mansion

new mix new mix new mix new mix i know i know, that mason track is overplayed. it’s just such a great opener i couldn’t help it. this one went a little over one hour which bugs me because i am ocd about that sort of thing. but i had to squeeze in that solee […]

blockhead – music by cavelight

this album has been sitting in my amazon shopping cart for like, 6 years now. just one of those things. you scrape together enough quarters to buy a shiny new music-disk, and you see that $16.99 price tag and it’s like, ohh man, 16.99 huh…maybe next time buddy. from what i understand, blockhead takes a […]