Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers (Them Stars Remix)

this is my entry for the Peter Gabriel remix contest over at Indaba. i wasn’t familiar with the original at first (though after 7 straight days of work i could probably recreate it myself), but the idea was immediate. the female vocal melody and the pseudo-rap delivery in the verses lent the song to electro […]

In The Back Room

been doing a little crate digging lately (technically youtube and blogspot digging), and i came across a lot of really great music by underground artists and labels i’d never heard of. so i threw together this little 30 minute mix, my tribute to them, and for anybody else who appreciates that old school 90’s ish. […]

the cure – lovesong (piano cover)

lovesong is an old favourite, makes me think of 2004. i came up with this “arrangement” (if you want to call it that) based on a fragmented memory of the song. it’s not exactly note-for-note, but maybe that’s the point. you stick a shiny coin in the machine and it comes out flattened with a […]