i am learning ableton live

as you can see i have not been very active at all in terms of making music. my roommate has been getting really into producing, staying up way too late working on a track, waking up again, and getting right back to it. i almost can’t remember that feeling. i’ve spent the better part of a year trying to figure out why. the current theory is that my whole process in FL Studio was too streamlined. i was essentially building every track off the same template. the sense of discovery was gone. no wonder i wasn’t inspired.

so, long story short, i’ve decided to expand my horizons a little. i’ve been taking a course in production that deals with Logic, and i’ve decided to give Ableton Live a shot. currently, it’s a puzzle. i’m happy if i can click a button and not destroy a whole damn section of the song. this track i’ve made is not particularly interesting in any way, and it ends almost as soon as it starts. but i’m optimistic. maybe it’s important that i fumble around for a bit.


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