recital footage

these videos are taken from a recital i performed in last december. the performances are not perfect, which i will blame on nerves and the fact that i don’t perform very often. i’ve posted them for posterity more than anything. feel free to leave me youtube comments suggesting that i am a gay nazi faggot. […]

8 Mile OST

i first heard the 8 mile soundtrack when i was 12 years old. this was back when i was just becoming aware of music, a time i think of as the Great Awakening. my parents would not buy or be party to any purchase of music that they considered “rude”. as a result, my cousin […]

i am learning ableton live

as you can see i have not been very active at all in terms of making music. my roommate has been getting really into producing, staying up way too late working on a track, waking up again, and getting right back to it. i almost can’t remember that feeling. i’ve spent the better part of […]