nikolai – rebel without a chance (featuring production by me?!?!?)

so this is awesome. Nikolai, an independent emcee out of Australia, has just dropped his debut album on Alcatrax Records. i just got the cd in the mail. i did the beat for the album’s third single, ‘This Haze’. i was going for a sort of Dr. Dre vibe with the string stabs and a [...]

a poem by a robot

should such unconscious glimmer
sigh being unfree?
ask not some dry bones
everybody says serve you
here you can confront with the not speak
make our hubris powerful
and unhuman earth alone
with before things

Mr. J. Medeiros – Her Wings (Them Stars Remix)

I don’t know if I made it clear in my last post about Mr. J. Medeiros, but I really like Of Gods and Girls. This is a remix I made of ‘Her Wings’. It isn’t a huge departure from the original, aside from the chorus which definitely gives the song a different energy.
Sample is from [...]

Born Mind

I had a goal this year which was basically to make one song every week and stick to it for the whole year. I ended up doing it for a couple months until I realized nobody was really listening so I stopped. Now that I have this website and I know there are at least [...]