canada’s best pizza

henry: in canada henry: what is your most popular pizza place alex: pizza pizza henry: no really alex: henry: okay that is ridiculous alex: is it though alex: have you ever tasted a pizza pizza pizza

why would alex be mad

lloyd: why would alex be mad alex: everything was going his way henry: this summer alex: the feel good comedy of the year henry: GET DOWN FROM THERE ALEX henry: no i want to feel the world henry: ONE BOY lloyd: AND HIS BEST FRIEND lloyd: *woof woof* henry: henry: WOULD GO PLACES henry: THEY […]


been experimenting with dance music stuff lately, learning synthesis and other super fun things. came up with a neat little riff on the bass and this track came out of it. it’s short and simple, but i like it :]. reminds me of that blur song for some reason. is that just me? Seven [Audio […]

the field – yesterday and today

The Field’s distinctive sound on From Here We Go Sublime was a revelation for the minimal genre, but it was difficult to see how well that sound might be sustained over a second album. On Yesterday and Today, The Field seems determined to show his versatility, to not take the easy way out and simply […]

lone – lemurian (2009)

The wonky scene is probably the most interesting development in hip hop to come along in a while. For the longest time it seemed like Prefuse 73 was the only artist out there who could make IDM/glitch influenced hip hop that didn’t have its head up its ass. All that’s changed now, though, with last […]

With Apologies to the Board

I feel like a lot of the time my best stuff is made by accident.This song (hopefully) sounds similar to Boards of Canada (hence the title) — I’d actually been trying to recreate the sounds they use for a while, but it was only when I stopped trying that I actually came close. It’s really […]

Hold Ya Head Up (ft. Alpha Omega)

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Alpha Omega is an emcee from LA, and one of their best kept secrets. We’d been trying to collaborate on something for a loooong time now, and it finally came together a couple months ago. It’s a very personal track, AO spits some of the deepest shit I’ve […]


New mix to kick things off. The first half is made up of some of my favourite electro tunes of the past few months, while the second half has a more chill atmosphere with some progressive/deep house. Burial & Four Tet’s ‘Moth’ closes out the mix, my favourite tune from their recent collaboration. Take a […]